What are adaptogens

Adaptogens are a group of very powerful all-round herbs and mushrooms that helps you prevent, relieve and even heal many stress- and lifestyle related problems.

Adaptogens owe their name to their unique ability to adapt to the specific needs of your body. They can be calming and energizing at the same time without over-stimulation. They are not stimulants such as caffeine, sugar or alcohol, but they help and support your body to function properly. They do not draw on your body's nutritional reserves and do not give high peaks and deep valleys like many common stress relief tools do. Adaptogens really interact with your body, resulting in a state of homeostasis (balance).

An adaptogen:

  • Is non-toxic at a normal therapeutic dose
  • Produces a nonspecific state of resistance in the body against physical, emotional or environmental stress
  • Has a normalizing effect on the body and helps restore normal physiological function caused by chronic stress

How do adaptogens work
Your body always tries to stay in balance. When your body experiences stress, it responds to it by releasing the stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol fuels your body to literally take action: fight or flight! This mechanism is crucial when you really are in danger. When the danger has passed, this stress reaction will automatically disappear. 

The adrenal glands produce cortisol and adrenaline is released to prepare us to fight or flight. Blood levels go up and blood goes to our limbs so we can run for our lives. Breathing gets faster and the heart rate goes up to make sure the muscles get enough oxygen to fight or flight. Your digestive and reproductive organs are in an inactive state.

With chronic stress and long-term increased cortisol levels, this stress response remains active. You get stuck in survival mode: Cortisol is constantly being produced and your blood pressure and blood sugar levels remain consistently high, affecting every physiological system in your body, but called the functions of your thyroid and adrenal glands. This can lead to a variety of health problems, including chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, mood disorders, neurological disorders, autoimmunity problems, depression, digestive problems, low libido and anxiety. Many contemporary chronic diseases and conditions are lifestyle- and stress related.

Adaptogens have a positive effect on the adrenal system in charge of managing the body's hormonal response to stress. They work through two systems in the body, the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis and the Sympathoadrenal System. The first regulates the endocrine function, the nervous system and supports the immune system. The second focuses on our stress responses (fight or flight). 

Adaptogens are great for anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being and just wants to feel good! A wonderful addition when your mood, metabolism, energy level, immune system and libido can use a boost. 

Adaptogens, in the past and present
The healing and balancing effects of adaptogens on body, mind and soul have been gratefully used by shamans and medicine men for thousands of years in their healing work. Many Ayurveda and TCM practitioners have used them to help people who were doing physically demanding work or recovering from an illness. Now much research show us what they always have known.

Once the source of stress could be a wild beer who wanted to attack you, nowadays it is an employer that makes your life miserable or the social pressure of your environment. Many of our body's stress responses are caused by global environmental pollution. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked.

Anyway, the functioning of our nervous system has remained unchanged for centuries, and our hormonal response to stress, regardless of the cause, remains the same.

Choose the right adaptogen
What all adaptogens have in common is the ability to help your body deal with stress factors. In addition, they also have their own unique strong properties; brilliantly by themselves or synergistic with other complementary adaptogens they are able to improve your mood, immunity, cognitive functions, digestion, libido or hormonal balance.

For example, Siberian Ginseng clearly has a stimulating effect, Ashwagandha can make you feel less anxious and Reishi has more soothing properties. Cordyceps is excellent to upgrade your energy level.

Adaptogens work quickly. Usually you will experience the benefits after a few days of use, such as increased focus, improved energy, a calmer mind, a more positive mood or improved vitality. Of course depending on which adaptogen you choose. 

Adaptogens in skincare
Adaptogens can give your body, mind and skin exactly what is needed at any given time. Holistic nutritionists are not only fascinated by these properties, many beauty- and wellness gurus do not stop talking about these miracles from nature.

Stress speelt een belangrijke rol bij het welzijn van de huid – het verstoort wondgenezing, draagt bij aan ontstekingen en kan leiden tot een golf van hormonen die de huidfunctie beïnvloeden. Aanhoudende stress kan er ook voor zorgen dat de huid reageert met een overproductie talg, roodheid, vroegtijdige veroudering en hormonale onevenwichtigheden.

Skin care with adaptogens is extremely interesting because, unlike any other organ in the body, you can apply adaptogens directly to it. In addition to good protection and hydration, adaptogens offer some great properties for the skin:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote quicker wound repair
  • Remove impurities in the skin
  • Balance the skin's natural oils
  • Create a natural defense to protect the skin
  • Calme and soothe a stressed skin
  • Cleans the skin really well (by cleaning up bacteria, viruses and fungi that shouldn't be there)
  • Normalize sebum production

De 100% natuurlijke, handgemaakte verzorgingsproducten worden in kleine batches geproduceerd om de versheid en kracht van de kostbare antioxidanten en andere bioactives uit de biologische oliën, boters en plantenextracten te waarborgen. 

Which adaptogen works well for you can change over time; keep informing yourself about how you feel! Use all the information and recipes from this website. Do you need more background information or research results? Take a look at this Link-page. Experiment. Create your own rituals. Simply add adaptogens to your first cup of coffee, your daily smoothie or mix adaptogens in a deliciously refreshing tonic. Let these super powders be a valuable addition and let them enrich your life!

Adaptogens are considered as safe, non-toxic and non-addictive and can be used daily. Always keep using your common sense, do your own research and observe how your body responds. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, taking medication or when you are in a poor health condition. The use of adaptogens is often not recommended when using immunosuppressive medications.

Don't forget: Adding adaptogens is a great way to raise your health goals and increase your well-being. But see them as a part of the bigger picture. Adding adaptogens to an unhealthy lifestyle and a packed life will improve your stress levels, but taking good care of yourself by eating the right nutrition, relaxing, meditating or doing yoga exercises, spending time in nature and getting enough sleep are crucial!


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